Our 3IN1 Construction Units provide construction site storage, a workshop space and a toilet for a portable workspace. These units are easily transportable and can be as compact as only 10 feet in diameter and length, which enable it to placed in even the smallest of spaces. These 3IN1 units are ‘plug and play’ and combine three unique facilities into the one unit. These units can be customized in size and facilities to suit every requirement needed by the customer.



Painting and sign writing a shipping container allows the opportunity to promote your brand and products – its like having your own portable billboard. Before any painting is completed, Tradecorp will grind back any surface rust and repair any damage to the shipping container. Painting the shipping container not only enhances its appearance but it also prolongs the life span of the unit.

A lock box is a device that covers the padlock on the shipping container door. It provides extra security from vandals and protection for the padlock from the weather.

Padlocks are a necessity on almost all shipping containers. Installed to prevent the doors from opening, padlocks help prevent thieves and vandals from accessing your possessions.

Twist locks connect shipping containers together. These are particularly important for stacked containers and although essential for transportation can also help secure stationary stacked units on site. Talk to us about the right twist locks to ensure your containers and property is safe and secure at all times.

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