Tradecorp also offer an open plan solution we call the ‘Cold Storage Complex’, suited for those needing a larger floorspace that the standard 20ft and 40ft container. Available in 20’/40’ lengths and as wide as you require by adding additional modules. With two modules starting at 58m2 floorspace and increasing with 29m2 per additional unit there is almost no limit to the size of your desired Cold Storage Complex.

The Cold Storage Complex can be used for many applications utilised by the catering & food distribution industries and pharmaceutical companies for example. They can be setup on level ground, placed on foundations or support legs, and be connected to buildings or equivalent structures where direct access from a loading bay is required.

The 380/440V 3 phase power supply can be set to a temperature range between -40oC to +30oC with single phase options also available.

With stainless steel interior walls and anti-slip aluminium floors, these units are strong enough for all normal material handling devices such as cages, pallet lifts and small fork trucks. We can also fit these units with meat rails and additional internal power supply for machinery and power tools. Each module can hold 25tonne (evenly distributed) giving a huge loading capacity. The food grade steel construction can be kept hygienically clean with water and detergents.

Add or reduce refrigeration units to decrease or increase the temperature inside the complex. For many applications we can reduce the quantity of machines required to maintain temperatures making procurement and running costs lower. We can add refrigeration units to turn your Cold Storage Complex into a large Blast Freezer allowing you to rapidly freeze 20T of meat in less than 24 hours!

With many user-friendly features these units are affordable, reliable and flexible compared to alternative site temperature-controlled storage complexes.

Standard Features

  • Robust exterior – corten steel frame and stainless steel panels
  • Stainless steel floors and anti-slip aluminium flooring – suitable for forklifts and electric/hydraulic pallet trucks
  • 25T capacity per module (evenly distributed)
  • Internal lighting
  • Easy to operate doors – internal/external operation.
  • Sliding strip curtain
  • Person Trapped Alarm



Painting and sign writing a shipping container allows the opportunity to promote your brand and products – its like having your own portable billboard. Before any painting is completed, Tradecorp will grind back any surface rust and repair any damage to the shipping container. Painting the shipping container not only enhances its appearance but it also prolongs the life span of the unit.

A lock box is a device that covers the padlock on the shipping container door. It provides extra security from vandals and protection for the padlock from the weather.

Padlocks are a necessity on almost all shipping containers. Installed to prevent the doors from opening, padlocks help prevent thieves and vandals from accessing your possessions.

Twist locks connect shipping containers together. These are particularly important for stacked containers and although essential for transportation can also help secure stationary stacked units on site. Talk to us about the right twist locks to ensure your containers and property is safe and secure at all times.

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