The company’s medical clinic units are fully equipped as an emergency medical station that can be fitted out with hospital quality equipment to satisfy customer requirements i.e adjustable beds, trolleys, eye wash stations, oxygen trolleys, patient privacy curtains. These medical units can also be modified to include a fully partitioned GP office.



Electricity allows the provision of lighting and ensuring your shipping container can be transformed into a practical environment for your needs.

Painting and sign writing a shipping container allows the opportunity to promote your brand and products – its like having your own portable billboard. Before any painting is completed, Tradecorp will grind back any surface rust and repair any damage to the shipping container. Painting the shipping container not only enhances its appearance but it also prolongs the life span of the unit.

A lock box is a device that covers the padlock on the shipping container door. It provides extra security from vandals and protection for the padlock from the weather.

Tradecorp can supply insulated containers and can also custom install insulation to your choice of container. We regularly install fiberglass pitched roof covers to help lower internal temperatures.
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Ramps are ideal for minimizing tripping accidents in products that have a large amount of pedestrian traffic. They are also useful for shipping containers that have products on wheels being moved in and out eg. wheelbarrows, cars, trolleys and bikes. Ramps are available as fixed or removable and can be located at any door opening.

Padlocks are a necessity on almost all shipping containers. Installed to prevent the doors from opening, padlocks help prevent thieves and vandals from accessing your possessions.

Plumbing can create sinks, toilets and showers to transform your shipping container into a portable building.

Accessorizing your shipping container with shelving allows easy storage for items including business documents, archive boxes, tools and personal assets. Tradecorp can design and construct shelving to your exact requirements.

Minimize odours and increase natural air flow with the installation of vents. Tradecorp can install small vents or larger steel louvered vents on any wall of a shipping container. Vents can also assist in reducing the temperature in hot shipping containers.

Twist locks connect shipping containers together. These are particularly important for stacked containers and although essential for transportation can also help secure stationary stacked units on site. Talk to us about the right twist locks to ensure your containers and property is safe and secure at all times.

By choosing to install a door as an accessory on a shipping container, customers can easily access their unit and eliminate the need to open the heavy double doors at the end of the shipping container. Tradecorp can install a variety of different doors to suit individual needs including roller doors (ideal for vehicle access or canteen serving points), single and double side doors and sliding doors.
Tradecorp have a variety of window options available for use in shipping containers and portable buildings allowing natural lighting, ventilation and a clear line of sight. Many window are manufactured with sliding glass panels. Security is maintained when the container is unattended with a steel covering flap that simply pushes outwards when the window is open. Other window options include and security bars.

In sites where high winds may be a factor, installing anchor locks help keep your container firmly in place and minimise any movement. Anchor locks can be an essential OH&S requirements for some sites and applications, so contact us for advice and further information.

Many sites use bridge fittings as well as twist locks to create a wall of containers. using the corner castings of containers, they use both the top and bottom holes to add stability. Contact us if you are looking to secure multiple containers together as we can supply all the advise and attachments you might need.

Tradecorp can install a range of air conditioners into the shipping containers and portable buildings to ensure maximum comfort for the occupants. Our air conditioner accessories have been specially designed in retractable frames making transportation easy.

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