Refrigeration Gensets

When the need to transport cargo using a totally dependable but independent source of electrical power use Tradecorp Gensets.  Our Generator Range supplies vital power for Refrigeration units moving on ships, roads, rail and also storage.  Using clean and powerful diesel engines provides a reliable and extremely economical source of energy.

Efficiency: Enhanced Operation Mode allows a highly efficient engine giving dramatic fuel savings, low emissions and extremely accurate, load-independent voltage regulation.   Our gensets use 2.1 liters of diesel per hour combined with a 473 liter fuel tank can insure our gensets can run between 8-10 days.

Reliability: Our units come with full diagnostic, auto restart function, global positioning and fuel consumption monitoring capability.

Flexibility: Specifically designed for reefer applications, in 3 different models depending on the required working position of the genset (Clip-On, Center-Mount or Side-Mount).

Easy to operate: User Friendly interface in multi-language, high resolution controller interface ensuring units are operated properly and all locations.

Rust Protection: Steel Frame with extensive 8 step cleaning finishing in powder-coated stainless steel and zinc dichromate and e-coated copper tube and aluminum fin radiator provides an excellent corrosion protection in harsh environments.


SGCO-3000 – This fully self-contained unit mounts to the container’s corner castings with quick-disconnect fasteners or optional header pin mounting.

SGCM-3000 – The center-mount model mounts under the centre of the container chassis between the I-beams to allow for maximum road clearance and even weight distribution.

SGSM-3000 – This model is designed for applications requiring under mounting on the side of a container chassis rather than in the centre.



TK Diesel engine compliant with Interim Tier 4 2008 requirements.

Fuel Type

No.2 Diesel (under normal conditions)No.1 Diesel (cold weather fuel)

Rotational Speed

1890+/-10 RPM; 560 + 10-0 RPM


460/230 Vac, 3 Phase, 60Hz

Output Power

15 kW

Apparent Power

18.75 kVA

Rotational Speed

1800 RPM

Electrical Systems

SG+ microprocessor controller


12V, 925 CCA at –18ÐC (0ÐF)

Fuel Tank

Included in all models

SG Clip-On
SG Centre-Mount
SG Side-Mount

125 gal (473 litres)
80 gal or 50 gal (302 litres or 198 litres)
75 gal (283 litres) Round steel tank



Painting and sign writing a shipping container allows the opportunity to promote your brand and products – its like having your own portable billboard. Before any painting is completed, Tradecorp will grind back any surface rust and repair any damage to the shipping container. Painting the shipping container not only enhances its appearance but it also prolongs the life span of the unit.

A lock box is a device that covers the padlock on the shipping container door. It provides extra security from vandals and protection for the padlock from the weather.

Padlocks are a necessity on almost all shipping containers. Installed to prevent the doors from opening, padlocks help prevent thieves and vandals from accessing your possessions.

Twist locks connect shipping containers together. These are particularly important for stacked containers and although essential for transportation can also help secure stationary stacked units on site. Talk to us about the right twist locks to ensure your containers and property is safe and secure at all times.

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