Trade Corp’s quality open top containers are fitted with a tarpaulin curtain as a roof to allow for efficient and easy unloading and loading of heavy goods which require lowered roof entry. These units also fitted with rear swing doors. These units can also be used to store large items.

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Painting and sign writing a shipping container allows the opportunity to promote your brand and products – its like having your own portable billboard. Before any painting is completed, Tradecorp will grind back any surface rust and repair any damage to the shipping container. Painting the shipping container not only enhances its appearance but it also prolongs the life span of the unit.

Ramps are ideal for minimizing tripping accidents in products that have a large amount of pedestrian traffic. They are also useful for shipping containers that have products on wheels being moved in and out eg. wheelbarrows, cars, trolleys and bikes. Ramps are available as fixed or removable and can be located at any door opening.

Many sites use bridge fittings as well as twist locks to create a wall of containers. using the corner castings of containers, they use both the top and bottom holes to add stability. Contact us if you are looking to secure multiple containers together as we can supply all the advise and attachments you might need.

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