At Tradecorp, you can have a sustainable way of living! Using our container, your house not only comfortable/pleasant to live in but also contribute to environmentally conscious act. Our house container can meet your preferred design, either it’s a minimalism, cubism or modern contemporary houses, our highly skilled team will work to satisfy your need! Our house containers comes in good condition make it perfect choice for your one, two or even three level house. Tradecorp’s container houses offer all the standard features of a conventional home. These units include bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens. The larger 40ft units complete with individual rooms featuring bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen and a living space whereas the 20ft units come simply with a dividing wall separating the bathroom. These units can be customised to include a number of unique features which we can help you arrange and design. Building your house with our containers, will also accentuate the artsy-feeling of your house. Imagine your color-blocking exterior house container stand out the crowd among your neighborhood? Or want your house to get featured on magazine because of its uniqueness? Go call us! Shipping containers are extremely strong, durable and versatile which makes them ideal to be customized into an endless array of practical solutions. We have years of experience in helping customers transform their ideas into reality with in-house engineers and draftsman to assist in the design and a production team to ensure quality workmanship in the final product.

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