Thinking about building a swimming pool but worried about the expensive price and long construction process? Why not build a shipping container swimming pool? Shipping Container swimming pools are inexpensive an fast to build. Installation takes a matter of hours rather than weeks compared to tradition construction methods. Shipping containers are build to be water tight in order to protect cargo, therefore rest assured that these swimming pools will never spring a leak. These swimming pools come fitted with all the features of a conventional swimming pool such as ladders, walkways, lights and water filters. These units are also incredibly strong as they are made from steel. These units can be designed and customized in anyway so that they suit all your requirements.

Shipping Containers Pool


  • Easy and fast to install and build
  • Inexpensive compared to conventional pools.
  • Can be 100% customized to suit your designs.
  • Use recycled containers and help the environment
  • Strong and sturdy structure.
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